Fun Times – Would you agree?

Now that lockdown rules are lifting we are free to come and go, are you ready to be released from our world we now have got to know?

Time has slowed right down for us and with that I’ve had a blast – so I’ll try not to cram so much in as I did so in the past.

I have cherished every moment, have laughed and had lots of fun, making wonderful memories that never can be undone.

Exploring the world around me, it’s the simple things in life – stopping to admire a flower or watch a bird fly out of sight.

We climbed up the mountains, we surfed in the sea, we watched shooting stars go by – it was fun times, would you agree?

We made so many fun Adventures, this lockdown made me see, that in a world of craziness it doesnt have to be.

Our life in all its glory has been simple, fun and carefree.