International Women’s Day

A celebration for ALL WOMEN 💕

When I began Ella Mor in 2020 – my aim was to share my love and passion for the Binevenagh Area – I wanted to showcase this absolute gem of a land we lived in. I wanted to inspire other women to get outdoors into nature. I wanted to give them the opportunity to try new adventures, to step outside their comfort zone, and to grow in confidence – even dance like no one is watching – I wanted them to experience nature in all its glory.

This was my dream.

A quote I read over so many times, which relates to what I want to achieve with Ella Mor. ‘I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up’

Today, on International Women’s Day, I have shared an action shoot photo of a young lady who has inspired me. I suppose I was just a girl chasing my dreams when I began Ella Mor, but my values of what I wanted to achieve have always stayed the same & I hoped someday others would recognise these.

So when @hayley_mcginnis ask if she could use Ella Mor for her final major project at college I felt really proud- when she sent me through her proposal of what her project was I was completely speechless & a little emotional if I’m honest.

Part of her proposal read….

‘ I have been greatly inspired by the business that Heather has built for herself and the values that she promotes of women’s empowerment & dreaming big! I will capture the spirit of Binevenagh, the hard work & love that has been put into this business’

She has completely captured it and in doing so has inspired me to keep going & follow my dreams.

To be involved in Hayleys project is an absolute honour. She will be joining me on my adventures over the next few weeks & I hope I can inspire her to follow her dreams with her project & every success she has going forward on the future.