World Of Freedom

image of Binevenagh North Coast Pulse Adventures

I’m in a World of Freedom, no-one can take away, I’ve got the joy’s around me as I hike along the way.

The beauty of this landscape, the whistling of the wind, the birds singing softly – it’s better than drinking gin!

Sometimes I stop and listen, I let my mind be free – I’ve got nothing to upset me, it’s just the mountains, hills and me.

Have you ever wondered what lays beyond the hills?

Perhaps you should go wondering to see the good it does – it clears the mind of worries, helps the soul to be restored plus it’s better than any medicine the body can with hold.

I’m in a World of Freedom, on-one can take away – it clears my mind, my heart, my soul as I hike along the way.

Heather Nicholl x

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